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No Chance for Germs - Innovative Packaging Solutions With Antimicrobial Lacquer

Our customized flexible packaging offers you individual solutions for a wide range of challenges. To this end, our development department deals with diverse and demanding tasks on a daily basis. The results of our work are creative new solutions with which we repeatedly position ourselves as an innovation driver in the packaging sector.

Corona Crisis Requires Rethinking

For some time now, the current pandemic situation has been confronting us all with completely new challenges that we had not yet encountered to this extent.

Up to now, our focus in the packaging sector has been primarily on providing the best possible product protection. In other words, on transporting the contents cleanly and undamaged from the manufacturer via the retailer to the end consumer. Now, however, the topic of germ load on packaging surfaces and the resulting potential risk of infection is increasingly becoming the focus of interest.

Germ Load on Packaging

Packaging passes through many hands before it reaches the end consumer at home. This can promote the transmission of bacteria and viruses. Many hygiene concepts are often not even able to comprehensively "grasp" this problem.

In order to permanently reduce the germ load on packaging, it is possible to print the surface of paper and cardboard using a special antimicrobial varnish. However, this print varnish was not suitable for flexible packaging surfaces such as bags and films.

Lock 3 - the Antimicrobial Lacquer for Flexible Packaging

But this problem has now been solved: After extensive further development, there is now the antimicrobial lacquer Lock 3, which can be used specifically for coating films and pouches. This antimicrobial surface coating can be used on all flexible packaging for dry and liquid contents, as well as for packaging in pasteurization and sterilization applications. The continuous and long-lasting self-degerminating effect of Lock 3 against bacteria and viruses also includes, for example, the group of coronaviruses. We are now launching sales, starting with our customers in Germany and Switzerland. 

Based on Natural Technology

The antimicrobial mode of action of Lock 3 is based on the principle of natural photocatalysis. Its advantages: Unlike many other germ-reducing technologies, this one does not require silver, nanoparticles or biocides. Toxic or mutagenic components are also completely dispensed with. The lack of odor or aerosol formation is also positive. Further plus points: Release of chemicals into the environment is avoided and resistance is unknown.

Germ Reduction by up to 99.99 % Through Light and Air

The long-lasting antimicrobial effect of Lock 3 is based on its photodynamic effect. The principle is actually quite simple - but its mode of action is ingenious: exposure to daylight or artificial light causes a patented molecule to activate the ambient oxygen, which washes around and destroys the cell envelopes of the germs. In this way, up to 99.99% of germs can be rendered harmless. The higher the light intensity, the faster the germ-reducing effect. This active principle has been tested against germs (bacteria, viruses) by independent institutes in accordance with ISO 21702 (mod.) and ISO 22196 (mod.).

Hygienically Clean Pouch Surfaces

The self-degerminating effect of Lock 3 can significantly reduce the possible transfer of germs via the outside of the pouch. This means that your flexible packaging now also remains hygienically clean on the shelf and at home. This can help to reduce the spread of germs. Thanks to Lock 3, the use of antimicrobial packaging options is now possible in even more areas - a great relief for us as packaging manufacturers, you as customers and consumers. 

Thinking Ahead - Keeping an Eye on the Environment

As an innovative packaging manufacturer, we always think and act responsibly and develop products that take account of current situations and changing demands. One of our main areas of focus is recycling/sustainability, which has become an increasingly important issue in recent years - both for manufacturers and consumers. Many European and non-European countries are now establishing corresponding legal requirements with high recycling rates for improved environmental protection. Against this background, we also offer innovative packaging solutions for this segment based on recyclable laminates. Made of PP or PE, they have the same properties and are just as suitable for everyday use as conventional multilayer laminates. Unlike these, however, their layers are all made of the same material. This makes sorting easier, increases the recycling rate - and thus helps to protect our environment and climate. The good recyclability of our monomaterials has been confirmed by the independent environmental service provider Interseroh (www.interseroh.de).

Monomaterials Offer a Wide Range of Applications

Our high-density and very stable monomaterial laminates for the food, non-food and pharmaceutical sectors are suitable for both dry and liquid filling goods. State-of-the-art barrier films optimally protect the contents from environmental influences such as oxygen or moisture, but also from external contamination. This applies to coffee capsule films as well as to muesli and coffee packaging or sour vegetable products. Our monomaterials are suitable for the production of flat and stand-up pouches, pouches with special barrier properties (water vapor, oxygen, aroma, etc.) and zippers and degassing valves may be applied. Wether it is mono-PE or mono-PP they are easily suitable for gravure, flexo and digital printing. According to your individual needs. Of course, pouches made of mono material can also be printed with Lock 3 and are recyclable.

Options for the Future

We at Wipf AG see ourselves as pioneers of a new technology and are continuously working at full speed on further innovative packaging solutions. For everyday demands and extraordinary times, for diverse requirements and special situations, for a wide variety of customers and consumers. For today and tomorrow. For you and for all of us.

Would you like to learn more about us and our offerings?

Then we look forward to hearing from you by phone or e-mail at info@wipf.ch.

Your Wipf AG

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