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Customised packaging - individual solutions for successful products

Most packaging is designed explicitly to safely transport products from A to B without damage. All properties are aligned solely with the “intact delivery” criterion. However, the shopping experience for customers at conventional brick-and-mortar retailers is compromised, often at the expense of the product’s success. Then again, it isn’t very difficult to cleverly design packaging that is functional yet also emotionally appealing.

Flexible packaging – genuinely multi-talented

Well-designed packaging shields the product against external factors, provided relevant information, and looks good on the shelf. But mainly, it must capture the attention of the customer and motivate a purchase decision. Unique, individually designed packaging that creates a great first impression also builds a direct link to the consumer. It boosts brand recognition, inspires desirability, and enhances the consumer’s interest.

Fast response to new marketing trends

The unique design of your product packaging gives you the opportunity to make your product stand out from scores of vendors at first sight. Branded with your logo and corporate colours, packaging is an advertising asset, making it an important identification element in the marketing mix. Digital printing offers a vast array of possibilities to liaise with consumers at the local, personal, and emotional levels. Variety is just as important as consumer-targeted sales promotion, active communication with customers based on QR codes or personalisation. Digital is ideal for campaigns that appeal to specific markets and target groups or test packaging, mini-runs and print on demand with the objective of minimising warehousing costs. You can address the preference of millennials for customised or personalised packaging just as seamlessly as the speed-to-market aspect at the graphic design level.

The sense of touch

Alongside its optics, high-end packaging also appeals to the incredibly sensitive ability of humans to perceive surface textures. Even though vision is an essential faculty, haptic communication is hardly less significant. Every customer who handles packaging instantly assesses its surface and texture. Does it feel smooth or sticky? Does the impression remain where it is when rubbed or does the ink smudge when touched? Many modern packaging types rely on embossing as well as a mix of materials and layers that enrich the haptic experience and the unpacking process.

Maximised product protection

Consumer legitimately expect that the foods they buy are optimally packaged. For them, product protection is a given, not a matter of interpretation. They rightfully assume that the product is consumable at least until the “best by” date indicated on the packaging and that no flavour and quality losses will occur within that time frame. Accordingly, packaging should be designed such that the contents are optimally protected against contamination, moisture, light, and other quality-impairing factors.

Added user-friendliness

More and more consumers also place emphasis on so-called convenience features. How easily can the packaging be opened? Once opened, can the packaging be resealed, and can it be stored upright in the refrigerator? At Wipf, we are confronted with these and similar questions on a daily basis. This involves an ongoing dialogue with our customers, giving us the opportunity to discuss the possibilities for perfecting customised packaging solutions with them.

Customised packaging by Wipf – our development know-how for your products

Good packaging solutions not only protect the integrity of the contents but also assure extended shelf lives. Beyond that, packaging conveys a brand message, attracts attention, and often triggers the decisive purchase incentive. And not least, it simplifies handling for the consumers and increases their appetite for more.

 Every day, our specialists spare no effort to develop innovative, customised packaging that is tailored even more to the product and the respective target groups. The outer packaging must not only be optimised to the product but also, as the case may be, to the customer’s on-site filling/sealing lines and pouching machines to assure the flawless runnability of our packaging solutions.

To make sure that the packaging is ultimately a perfect match with the product and the packaging equipment, we accompany our solutions to our customers to thoroughly test the new, usually complex laminates directly on site. This is where application-related factors such as slip characteristics or sealability can be best assessed and then optimised for the best possible results.


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