From the call to the finished packaging – a guide

The birth of every product starts out with an idea. An idea for a product that must be packaged sooner or later.

Developers tinker with their product. They improve it. They reject it again. Then, they approach it from a different angle until, after an intensive development process, it sees “the light of day”.

Suddenly, the question arises: “Who will now package our product and how”?

That’s where we, Wipf AG, get involved. Our job is to package your brainchild product such at it will reach the consumer the way you intended it: unharmed, fresh, functional.

But let’s take it one step at a time. This article explains how you can get the perfect packaging for your product.

Wipf, we need a packaging solution...

The journey to your packaging usually starts with a telephone call. Normally, it’s “Wipf, we need a packaging solution”.

Many of our customers already know how things work. Major players know what they want and approach us with concrete ideas and packaging visions.

But the big companies also started out small once. So we know which customers need more advice. Thanks to our many years of experience, we usually know in advance what the problem is.

Well advised, well packaged

The essence of every good flexible packaging solution are counsel and an accurate needs analysis. Personal contacts with our customers assure that in the end, their product is perfectly packaged and complies with all expectations.

Therefore, we always advise you personally, whether you are a major customer or a startup – and we can answer your important questions right from the start. Before you call, it would be helpful to consider answering the following questions:

• What type of product is involved?
• What protections does your product need?
• Which target group are you addressing?
• Does the packaging have to fulfil any special requirements?
• Will your package be filled mechanically or by hand?
• What volumes are involved?

Once these basic questions are clarified, our packaging specialists can decide whether your project can be implemented or whether another provider might be more suitable. But we will have a solution for you in practically any case.

Sales manager Ernst Herrmann says: “Basically, we have a solution up our sleeve for every packaging challenge. For all foods, non-food items, or pet food – we have the matching film solution for virtually every customer”.

How soon is soon enough?

Unfortunately, unique, functional, and stable packaging does not grow on trees like apples. They are the result of a development process that often lasts several months.

It’s no secret that companies start thinking about packaging later rather than early on. No surprise: after all, the focus of product developers is on their products. So questions concerning the suitable packaging arise shortly before the market launch.

It is often forgotten that packaging is also a product that first has to be developed.

Many customers are startled when they realise that packaging development does not take place on a Monday morning but instead is a process that can last up to two months after approval and then culminates with the delivery of the finished packaging.

We therefore recommend: Are you developing a product that must be packaged sooner or later? If so, the development process should include considerations on how the product should be packaged.

Product development must integrate packaging

To make sure the market launch of your product is seamless, it is a good idea to think about packaging early on. We know from experience that the product development phase is the ideal time window for this. After all, that’s when the basic packaging parameters are defined.

The more precise your product and packaging specifications are, the faster we can find the ideal packaging for you. So you should ask yourself the following questions:

• How long should the shelf life of the (packaged) product be?
• In which channels will the product be distributed?
• Is it a product with a long shelf life that needs high-barrier packaging?
• Will the products be post-treated (pasteurized, sterilized or other)?
• How will the product be presented in the end?
• What types of design elements are required?
• Are there any requirements with regard to haptics?
• Is the packaging bulk or primary?
• At the POS, is the product presented vertically, horizontally, or suspended?

Answers to these questions will help our developers design and produce a flexible packaging solution that is tailored to your needs.

Those needs also govern the selection of materials for your packaging.

Packaging design

Crunchy Clouds

We primarily develop and produce high-barrier flexible packaging films and pouches for the food, pharma, and non-food industries.

But packaging must be more than merely functional. Its design, the way your product is presented, plays an important product marketing role. In this respect, we can support you with the right materials: Would you like to have a see-through window as a design element? Or should your packaging be coated with a mat lacquer? Do you want to appeal to the sense of touch? Should the packaging be resealable or is it intended for a one-time application? We can fulfil all of these needs.

Often, customers send us their layouts. But here, too, our design department can help you out if necessary to make sure your product gets the exposure that it deserves.

And who handles the filling?

The days when cookies were manually filled into pouches are over. Machines routinely take care of the filling process. Does that apply to your product as well? Not to worry: we can advise you in this respect, too.

As a rule, customers perform filling tests with appropriate machines. We only start producing your packaging films when they smoothly run through the machines and all challenges have been mastered. This gives you the assurance that the products you receive from us are functional from A to Z.

For us, the job is not done until your products are protected by our packaging, presented at the POS, and enjoyed by consumers.

From the phone call to the shelf

If this summary was a bit too fast: it describes the steps that lead to the perfect flexible packaging from Wipf AG:

1. Call us and share your initial situation with us.
2. If need be, we will make an appointment to visit you and discuss your packaging problem in greater detail.
3. You will always see what you get before you decide to buy. We would be delighted to submit samples.
4. Do you work with a filling system? In that case, we will assure that your packaging will smoothly flow through your machines.
5. You will receive an “OK to print” proof before production starts.
6. Now, production can begin.
7. We will personally support you along the entire development process.

“The packaging of a product endows it with the unmistakable personality that consumers perceive at a glance.” (Christian H. Wipf, Chairman of the Board of Directors)

Top-tier flexible packaging solutions

Wipf AG develops and produces high-barrier packaging films and pouches for the food, pharma, and non-food industries. The company employs 200 persons and is one of Europe's leading packaging manufacturers.

In 2014, the respected company celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Would you like to learn more about our capabilities?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours, Wipf AG

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