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Interactive Packaging with Augmented Reality

Interactive packaging with augmented reality

More and more customers want comprehensive product information. This need can now be addressed with augmented reality packaging. Thanks to the computer-aided expansion of what customers perceive, you can now precisely serve them with the data that they expect. But augmented reality offers many more advantages. Let us show you how you can use them for your products!  

Packaging plays an important role when customers want information about a product. Whether it’s a “best before” date, preparation notes, ingredients, nutritional values or serving suggestions for the consumer: all this and much more can be found on product packaging. But this is where one of the problems emerges: Packaging is often quite simply too small to accommodate all the relevant information. So far in such cases, manufacturers only had two options. Either they reduced the font size to display more information or they omitted certain points and data.

Both approaches are not really satisfactory. But in cooperation with Kezzler, Wipf AG now offers an innovative approach that solves this problem and simultaneously provides added advantages: Augmented reality packaging.


What is augmented reality?

You have probably heard of this term before. After all, it is one of the technical innovations that according to experts face a bright future. But what exactly does it mean?

“Augmented” can be interpreted as “expanded”. Augmented reality uses technical resources to expand our perception of reality. Two familiar examples are the translation of road signs or menus in real time with smartphones. Both apps are useful when visiting foreign countries. The user activates the app and points the camera at a sign or a menu. The display of the phone shows the sign within its environment together with the translated text directly beneath the sign.

A similar approach applies to augmented packaging, except that here, the information is generally embedded in and delivered via a QR code or an NFC signal.


Which possibilities does augmented reality packaging offer?

As mentioned above, augmented reality packaging, or AR packaging for short, is ideal for providing consumers with product-related information. Since the size of the packaging is now irrelevant, you can deliver as much information as you deem appropriate for your product. Frequently, packaging does not provide enough space to indicate advantages and properties that would interest the buyer. In particular, aspects such as sustainable, environmentally friendly, or resource-efficient production are often impossible to compress to such a degree that they will fit on the packaging with minimal wording.


Packaging with qr-codes


But augmented packaging not only provides customers with complementary information, it also reflects a product experience. Interactive packaging makes the product come alive and gives the buyer the opportunity to effortlessly learn more about an item directly on the spot – including a glimpse into the packaging without opening it.

However, this far from exhausts the benefits of such innovative packaging formats. For example, augmented reality makes it possible to offer customers a video via the packaging, which accurately describes the use of the product – an ideal option for tools and other items. As an alternative, augmented reality packaging can also showcase various applications, refer to a sweepstakes, or advertise other products that are a good match from the buyer’s perspective.


And what about acceptance in customer circles?

Thus, augmented packaging offers a host of new possibilities for presenting products. Then again: are customers even willing to use this new technology?

A representative survey in 2018 paints a clear picture. The interest in augmented reality is considerable. More than 70 percent of the respondents said they were interested in using AR, and nearly 58 percent have already used the technology. More than half of those surveyed expressed their willingness to install the appropriate apps on their smartphones and over two thirds can imagine wearing AR headgear while shopping.

As far as content is concerned, product information is what interests buyers most. About two thirds of them are receptive to offers via AR and about half want product availability site information. Among the product groups that customers deem best suited for augmented reality, food and clothing top the list, followed by drug store merchandise.

So in any case, customers express great interest in this new technology and in innovative packaging. While applications from the buyer’s perspective are still fairly restricted, this is due most of all to a lack of experience with the technology. Most people so far are hardly familiar with augmented reality, so they are not really aware of all of its options. Now is the time to surprise your customers with something that is totally new.



Augmented reality packaging makes it possible to provide customers with information that cannot be applied to the packaging or for which there is a lack of space. So augmented packaging provides customers with genuine added value, which also explains the broad acceptance of this technology on the buyer side. Beyond that, companies can use interactive packaging to advertise other or similar products.

Clearly, the biggest advantage of augmented reality packaging is the multi-faceted spectrum of applications that makes AR customizable for virtually every industry and every product. Just try it out for yourself and let us advise you as regards the many different alternatives and options.


Your partner for augmented reality packaging: Wipf AG

As you can see, augmented reality packaging not only offers many advantages but also awakens the interest of consumers. If you want to harness this new technology, you need an experienced partner who can implement your visions. And Wipf AG is exactly this kind of partner.

We are a company that has been a leader in laminate packaging for many years. Innovative approaches such as monomaterial packaging assure the comprehensive and dependable protection of your products. With our capabilities, you can rely on production methods that are not only cost-effective but also resource-efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable.  Thanks to our strategic partnership with the Kezzler company, we are now in a position to offer you augmented reality packaging for your products.


Would you like to learn more about our capabilities?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours, Wipf AG


T +41 44 947 22 11 | info@wipf.ch


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