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Sustainable Packaging Made from Sustainable Mono-Materials

More than just a trend: sustainability. Appropriate packaging is in demand as never before. Critical consumers and stricter legal requirements set high standards. The solution: sustainable mono-material packaging from Wipf.


The Advantages

Packaging made of mono-material consists of several layers of a single basic material. This allows for more sustainable production and easier recycling. There are many possible applications – but only if all the advantages of conventional packaging are retained. After all, mono-material packaging must also be flexible, lightweight, easy to print and also easy to process on customer equipment. They must also offer optimum protection against UV radiation, moisture and external contamination, and be robust enough for transportation and use. The new PP-based mono-materials from Wipf meet all these requirements.


New Spout Sealing Machine for Mono-Material Laminates

A particularly sensitive area in pouch production is the sealing of the closure (spout). In order to ensure stable sealing on these new laminates, an alternative sealing process was therefore used. For this purpose, the company invested in a new ultrasonic spout sealing system and added another highlight to its machine park. This means that spouts can now also be perfectly sealed onto mono-material laminates.

In addition, the acquisition of a pouching system using the ultrasonic sealing process is already in the planning stage, in order to further expand the company's knowledge advantage in the sealing of spouts in mono-materials.


Wide Range of Applications

The new mono-material pouches with spouts are particularly characterized by their good printability and high processing quality. An antimicrobial lacquer coating with Lock 3 or matte lacquer is also possible. This makes them ideally suited for use in the food and non-food sectors. The possible product range is broad and extends from windshield cleaners and liquid soaps to baby food and a wide variety of refill products.


Now Also for Retortable Applications

Until now, retortable mono-material laminates were not available in the market. But after extensive further development, Wipf AG has found a solution that is a pioneer in this demanding packaging segment. Basis for the development – as always with successful packaging solutions – was close cooperation with customers: Shelf life, barrier and other properties can only be defined and individually developed together. One of the major challenges compared to the sealing of conventional laminates: the reduced sealing window. High-performance solutions were used here for the implementation. Currently, Wipf AG produces flat pouches and stand-up pouches for retortable applications.

Thought Ahead

Sophisticated solutions are always based on extensive experience. It is the be-all and end-all. That is why Wipf AG is now using its extensive know-how in the field of mono-material structures made of OPP/PP to further develop mono-materials in the retort sector. This particular market is already opening up exciting prospects and forward-looking projects for further sustainable packaging.


Greenlution - Recyclable Capsules for Circular Economy

One mono-material project that has already been successfully completed is GreenLution. In close cooperation with OPTIMA consumer GmbH and Säntis Packaging AG, Wipf AG has developed a recyclable capsule system for coffee and other products in 2020. The capsule body from Säntis is fully recyclable and the sustainable life cycle covers all areas from the production of the capsules, their filling, packaging and use up to material recycling. Filling and packaging of the recyclable capsule takes place with minimal resource input, i.e. less space requirement and energy consumption as well as improved material utilization.

Wipf contributed with the sustainable laminate film WICOGREENLINE made of mono-material. Its properties: high oxygen and water vapor barrier, high aroma barrier, good printability in gravure, flexo and digital printing, aluminum-free, BPA/PVC/PVDS-free, good barrier against MOSH/MOA, excellent product protection and perfect match to capsule and filling line. It is available as 2-ply or 3-ply laminates and provides a long shelf life due to its barrier properties.


Winner Swiss Packaging Award 2021

Proud winners: Piero Rapagna (left, Head of Customer Service Wipf AG) and Sylvester Frick (Head of Strategic Packaging Development Herbert Ospelt Anstalt).

Wipf AG and Herbert Ospelt Anstalt won the Swiss Packaging Award 2021 in the "Sustainability" category with their joint project "From 4 make 1 = Good to recycle". The 10 kg dog food bag made of mono-material was also nominated and awarded in the special "Circular Economy" category.

Its special feature: all components - film, reclosure, reclosure cart and carrying handle - are made of polypropylene. It is easily recyclable and can be returned to the materials cycle after use.

In the first quarter of 2021, a complete large-scale series was produced and successfully sold. This confirms us in our work and shows that we are facing up to our responsibility as a packaging manufacturer. Today and in the future.

All winners of the Swiss Packaging Award 2021 can be found here at a glance, as well as photos and information on the award ceremony.


Awarded by Interseroh

The German environmental service provider Interseroh is acting for, among other things, closing recyclable material life cycles with and for their customers. After comprehensive testing, Wipf's new mono-material and polyolefin laminates achieved top scores. The reward: awarded with the "Made for Recycling" label - a recognized seal of quality to indicate recyclability.

The possible applications for mono-materials are manifold. The demand is great – and will continue to increase. Therefore, best conditions for Wipf AG to apply its comprehensive know-how in the field of mono-material structures made of OPP/PP and polyolefins (PP/PE) to many more innovative packaging solutions. Today and in the future.


Environmental Protection Concerns Us All

Responsible and environmentally friendly use of resources is obvious for Wipf AG. For this reason, we have a partnership with the climate protection foundation myclimate ((link to website)). In this way, Wipf AG enables its customers to offset the unavoidable CO2 emissions generated during packaging production. There are various climate protection projects to choose from. It's worth taking part!

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