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18.08.2021 14:30

Swiss Packaging Award 2021: Double Success for Wipf AG and Herbert Ospelt Anstalt

From left: Piero Rapagna (Head of Customer Service Wipf AG) and Sylvester Frick (Head of Strategic Packaging Development at Herbert Ospelt Anstalt)

We are very pleased that our development project "From 4 to 1 = Good to Recycle" was able to convince the jury several times: In the "Sustainability" category, we won the Swiss Packaging Award 2021 with our new 10 kg pouch for dry dog food. We were also honored and awarded in the category „Sonderpreis Kreislaufwirtschaft" (Special Award for Circular Economy). With 46 entries in various categories, this year's competition was bigger than ever before. The absolute front-runner: the "Sustainability" category with 26 entries. We are therefore all the more proud of our award-winning product!

Its special feature: the bag is made entirely of mono-material: all components - laminate, reclosure, reclosure trolley and carrying handle - are made of polypropylene. It is easily recyclable and can be returned to the material cycle after use. This is a major advantage over previous pouches, whose packaging components are made of various plastic combinations and are therefore not recyclable.

The idea of a highly recyclable pouch with all the convenience benefits came from Sylvester Frick, Head of Strategic Packaging Development at Herbert Ospelt Anstalt. In three years of development, a laminate made of high-performance monomaterial OPP/PP combination was created together with Wipf AG. This novel packaging base meets all product and production requirements. The bag is produced from a roll and both the reclosure with all components and the carrying handle are applied during bag forming in the line.

The long development time of three years has definitely paid off. "During this time, we were able to work with Wipf AG to develop further sustainable packaging solutions for a wide variety of products and requirements based on the knowledge gained. One of them even with a patent application." Sylvester Frick, Head of Strategic Packaging Development at Herbert Ospelt Anstalt, said.

Oliver Fankhauser, CEO of Wipf AG, is also pleased about the great success. "We are very proud of this award. After all, it again proves our claim to always develop new innovative packaging solutions with high sustainability standards."

In the first quarter of 2021, a complete large-scale series was produced and successfully sold. This confirms us in our work and shows that we are facing up to our responsibility as a packaging manufacturer. Today and in the future.

All winners of the Swiss Packaging Award 20212 can be found here at a glance, as well as photos and information on the award ceremony (german only).

From left: Oliver Fankhauser (CEO Wipf AG), Sonja Hasler (Moderator), Sylvester Frick (Head of Strategic Packaging Development Herbert Ospelt Anstalt) and other award nominees

From left: Oliver Fankhauser (CEO Wipf AG) in the winner's interview with Sonja Hasler (Moderator) and Sylvester Frick (Head of Strategic Packaging Development Herbert Ospelt Anstalt).

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