06.10.2023 08:27

Wipf engages in a nationwide collection system

Closing loops for plastic packaging and beverage cartons: as part of the "Collection 2025" project, Wipf AG is working together with over 70 organizations from the entire value chain towards a circular economy.

Distributors are being made responsible for this and, by signing a Letter of Intent (Lol), undertake to incorporate design for recycling in their production - in line with current EU regulations. High technical standards are pursued in processing and recycling - always with a view to continuous improvement.

Through the joint implementation of a nationwide collection system, larger quantities and recyclates are generated. The players throughout the entire value chain are committed to ensuring that as much of this recycled material as possible can be returned to the packaging industry.

More info on Collection 2025 is available here: Letter of Intent Collection 2025 - Swiss Recycling

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