Review 7th wipf day 2019

Sustainability as an innovation driver – this was the motto of the 7th wipf day in Volketswil on 27 June 2019. Some 100 attendees accepted our invitation to convene at our in-house premises. An interesting tour of the production facilities and informative lectures met with a receptive audience at the event. Miriam Rickli, a popular TV and event moderator, escorted participants through the day with charm and wit.

The wipf day took place in Volketswil for the seventh time. This year, our new facilities served as the venue for the event. The spacious auditorium is perfectly suitable for events of this kind.

An unusually large number of customers and partners accepted our invitation to come to Volketswil this year. The programme was both diversified and exciting. A hands-on production tour, interesting panel discussions, and informative lectures offered many touchpoints for interaction among the attendees.

One of the highlights of the day was the very interesting one-hour presentation by peace researcher Daniele Ganser that provided compelling statements concerning the global struggle for oil. He showed that it is possible to fully rely on renewable energy sources without causing conflicts or violence. Daniele Ganser’s focus was on the unabated growth of oil consumption. Currently, 90 million barrels of oil are being consumed on a daily basis around the world.

The evening gradually came to an end at a particularly idyllic location. Amid panoramic views surrounded by greenery, we spent several hours in a relaxing atmosphere. Musical entertainment was provided by Dominik Liechti, Tom Lee, Lucky Wüthrich and their BearBeat Soundmobil.