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Lock 3 - Innovative Hygiene Technology for Flexible Packaging

Packaging passes through many hands before it reaches the end consumer at home. This can facilitate the transmission of bacteria and viruses. Many hygiene concepts are often not even able to correctly face this problem.

In order to permanently reduce the germ load on surfaces, it was previously possible to print paper and cardboard (e.g. table mats, airline menus, brochures, magazines) with the antimicrobial lacquer Lock 3.

Following extensive further development, this lacquer is now available for laminates and pouches. This helps close hygiene gaps and it's a real innovation in the field of flexible packaging. Lock 3 keeps packaging exteriors hygienically clean on the shelf and at home, significantly reducing the possibility of germs spreading via the packaging surface. For feeling safe in times of pandemic and beyond.

  • Can be used on laminates and pouches for dry and wet products
  • Suitable for flexible packaging for pasteurization and sterilization

  • Efficient germ reduction on the surface of the bag by up to 99.99 %
  • Lock 3 is regulatory approved and suitable for indirect food contact
  • Matte and glossy print varnish finish available
  • Suitable for use with gravure, flexographic and digital printing
  • Active principle tested by independent institutes according to ISO 21702 (mod.) and ISO 22196 (mod.) against germs (viruses, bacteria)
  • Also effective, for example, against the group of coronaviruses

  Added Value
  • Pouches with antimicrobial lacquer Lock 3 remain hygienically clean on the store shelf and in use at home

  • Passing on germs (e.g. viruses and bacteria) via the outside of the pouch is significantly reduced

  • Continuous and long-lasting degermination effect
  • Recyclability of pouches and laminates with Lock 3 is not affected

Acts naturally: Germ Reduction through Light and Air


The Lock 3 hygiene technology is based on the principle of natural photocatalysis. A patented molecule activates the ambient oxygen by the action of daylight or artificial light. This creates singlet oxygen, which washes around and destroys the cell envelopes of the germs. Continuously and long-lasting.

Unbeatable Advantages
  • No use of nanoparticles, silver and toxic biocides

  • Contains no toxic or mutagenic components

  • Does not produce odor or aerosol formation

  • Self-degerminating on wet and dry surfaces

  • No release of toxic chemicals into the environment
  • No formation of resistances

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Or download our Lock 3 factsheet here. Contact us right away for an individual offer and further information.
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Melanie Hauser
Head of Sales
Industriestrasse 29
CH-8604 Volketswil

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