Apart from the flexibility needed to address customer expectations, Wipf AG can leverage its spirit of innovation in laminate technologies and processes. Discover the latest novelties produced in-house.

Gasbag for E-Active Body Control

In its new GLE, Mercedes-Benz introduces E-Active Body Control, a totally new suspension system: E-Active Body Control influences the lift and yaw of the body. The body no longer dives when braking and accelerating. With the “Road Surface Scan” function, the suspension system anticipates bumps before it reaches them and then largely equalises them. In the “Curve” mode, the body is tilted into the curve to reduce transversal forces felt by passengers. This makes negotiating curves much more comfortable.
The Gasbag consists of a laminate with a thickness of about 200 microns. It features a layer of high-density aluminium and several layers of various polyamide films. The aluminium assures very high impermeability to gas. With the polyamides, the laminate and a filling port can be converted into a Gasbag inflated with nitrogen while preserving mechanical, thermal, and chemical stability in hydraulic fluid.

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Winner of the SPE Award (Special Awards) 2019


Flexible Monomaterial Laminates

The choice of flexible monomaterial packaging is a game-changing ecolo-gical evolution in the packaging industry. The choice of same materials in all layers will result in future paybacks.For certain products, we therefore recommend the use of flexible monomaterial laminates. Instead of working with laminates composed of different materials – such as PET/ALU/PE – the selection of only one laminate material is possi-ble and meaningful.
We can produce laminates based on monoma-terial PP, with or without barriers, that are easier to recycle. In view of the new packaging legisla-tion, this option is certainly a great alternative to conventional laminate materials.

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New WICOVALVE® High Flow Valve

The W059 WICOVALVE® supersedes the W008, standing out with an improved and more stable quality. The new valve is suitable for large-volume packs that must rapidly evacuate air when stacked to prevent bursting. The target users for the new High Flow valve are the food, pet-food, non-food, and pharma industries.

The properties of the W059 are similar to the predecessor model but features impressive improvements in quality and vacuum holding. The opening pressure was also modified and now ranges from 3.0 to 9.0 mbar. The W059 valve is made of high-quality components and materials (polyethylene) . This assures the perfect functionality of the valve at all times. The valve prevents the ingress of air into the packaging while degassing when stacked and later as well.

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Bio Valve for Coffee Packaging

The WICOVALVE® bio valves W606E and W616E were developed especially for the coffee industry and can be composted pursuant to industrial standard EN 13432 in combination with biodegradable Laminates.

The extensive range of valves has now been ideally complemented with the biocompostible W606E and W616E. They are based on the highly popular W606 and W616 coffee valves and are designed for heat-sealing. In combination with bio compostible laminate materials, the coffee roaster can now offer a packaging system that is totally biodegradable and provides optimized protection of whole-bean coffee against aroma loss. This world debut addresses the growing demand for biopackaging.

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Climate-neutral Packaging

Climate-neutral packaging is becoming a more and more frequently decisive criterion in business processes. For this reason, we have been committed to climate protection together with the myclimate environmental organization since early 2012. Effective immediately, you have the option to offset the emissions generated in the production of your packaging. Your contributions support myclimate's certified climate protection projects. All contributions are forwarded to myclimate, which in turn guarantees that the same volume of CO2 will be offset across a maximum of three years.

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WICOFLEXCAN® has been invented to offer a three-dimensional packaging instead of using a can. The packaging gives your product an utmost shelf-life and reduces the packaging volume to a minimum.
By applying cold forming, any fragmented fil-ling product is tightly packed into the body of the pack. Afterward, a lid is applied that allows forming. Your product may be flushed by nitrogen or you may draw a vacuum inside the packaging. Compressed air allows to achieve the form you need. You may apply sterilization or pasteurization processes on the packages after filling.

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Bag on Valve System

The BoV system combines a hygienically clean aluminium pouch with a sealed valve inside a pressurized spray can. The barrier properties of the three- and four-ply POLIALUVEL® laminates protect the product against the ingress of light, oxygen, and water vapour. They fulfil the strictest hygiene requirements and assure high safety standards as regards the protection of the chemical and aggressive products. The laminates are suitable for low- and high-viscosity products.

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Digital Printing

Protect the product, reflect its value, or – ideally – enhance it: Packaging has many different functions and their number is growing. More and more marketing professionals are aware of the communication potential and are developing personalized packaging produced with digital presses.

Because of it personalization flexibility, digital printing technology offers a host of interesting possibilities. Our digital printing team is capable of printing different versions of a packaging system in a single production run at the specified deadline and in the required quantity (on demand). The printing data can easily be archived and retrieved whenever needed with pushbutton convenience to produce follow-up runs. Since all press settings (such as colour profiles) are stored, setting up a job involves little effort. Digital presses require no plates, which eliminates platemaking time and costs.


Promising marketing activities

  • Promotions
  • Explore opportunities through e-commerce
  • Actively communicate on sustainability
  • Real life samples for trade shows and consumer focus groups
  • Serial numbering
  • Packaging for different events
  • Personalized give aways
  • Production of top-up volumes if insufficient stock of packaging materials