Gasbag - the new high-tech pouch

The Gasbag consists of a laminate with a thickness of about 200 microns. It features a layer of high barrier aluminium and several layers of various polyamide films.

  • With the combination of different polyamide layers in the laminate and a suitable spout the gasbag guarantees a high mechanical, thermal, and chemical stability
  • The aluminium assures very high impermeability to gas

The first-time use of a pure polyamide laminate of five different layers imposes new challenges on the manufacturing process and the process technology.


Film structure
  • Production of a composite with various polyamides in the lamination
  • Narrow process window, due to the hygroscopic properties of polyamide
  • Sealing of a polyamide spout
  • Deployment of latest manufacturing technology in pouchmaking with induction sealing
  • Minimal permeation rate for lowest gas and pressure losses across the deployment period
  • High mechanical and thermal strength of the 200-micron laminate with polyamide
  • Good chemical resistance in oily environments


Gasbag - Technical innovation

The worldwide new pouch facility with automated induction sealing technology optimally solves the challenges of polyamides with reliable processes:

  • A new multi-ply laminate structure with minimal nitrogen permeability and superb dynamic-mechanical performance in hydraulic fluid media
  • First-time use of polyamide as a filling spout
  • First-time implementation of induction sealing technology in a pouchmaking facility for the seal seams and also for the filling spout
  • Automated production with digital logging and 100% traceability of all process steps

The deployed process technology defines new and better standards in processing flexible laminate.

Best practice

In its new GLE, Mercedes-Benz introduces E-Active Body Control, a totally new suspension system. E-Active Body Control influences the lift and yaw of the body. The body no longer dives when braking and accelerating. With the “Road Surface Scan” function, the suspension system anticipates bumps before it reaches them and then largely equalises them. In the “Curve” mode, the body is tilted into the curve to reduce transversal forces felt by passengers. This makes negotiating curves much more comfortable.

The aluminium assures very high impermeability to gas. Due to the polyamide, the laminate and a filling spout can be converted into a Gasbag inflated with nitrogen while preserving mechanical, thermal, and chemical stability in hydraulic fluid.


SPE Award 2019 (Special Awards)
Alufoil Trophy 2020