Successful packaging development

As much as our customers affirm our quality and dependability, we never stand still. This is why our Development department regularly tests new pellets, new films, new adhesives, and lacquers with respect to their feasibility. Our know-how and the exchange of ideas with our customers constitute the basis for the development of packaging that fulfils the most ambitious barrier functionalities.

One-way pressure-relief valve

A wide variety of foods, including coffee and fresh sauerkraut, generate gases inside their packaging. This is where our WICOVALVE® one-way valve, developed in-house by Wipf, literally provides relief. It lets the gases escape but prevents oxygen to enter into the packaging.

WICOVALVE® W606 and W616
The all-rounder for heat-sealing

WICOVALVE® W103 und W113
The all-rounder for ultrasonic sealing

Biodegradable for coffee packaging

Double-compartment system

Thanks to the novel double-compartment system and the transparent barrier, two different products can be tightly packaged in one pouch. The new packaging, consisting of an aluminium-free POLIVEL® laminate, has tear notches as an easy-opening Feature.

Our double-compartment system
Versatile and convenient

Geometrically optimized stand-up pouch

Thanks to the optimized geometry of the Pet Food stand-up pouch (100g content), display cartons can now accommodate 24 instead of 22 pouches, which saves space in warehousing, in transit, and on the retail shelf. The Pet Food stand-up pouch won the prize in the "resource efficiency" category of the AluFoil Trophy 2010.

Sustainable packaging
Stand-up pouch with optimized geometry

Customized packaging solutions

Good packaging not only protects the precious product but also extends its shelf life. Good packaging delivers a brand message, simplifies handling for the customer, attracts attention, and often triggers the decisive purchasing decision.

Every day, the specialists in our development department are at work to find new and better packaging solutions precisely tailored to the packaging content and consumer expectations. To assure that our solutions interact seamlessly with all processes to which they are exposed, we tailor them to the product and to the stress profile, for instance on the customer’s filling and/or pouch sealing line.

We accompany each new packaging solution until it is integrated in our customers’ production environments and thoroughly test the usually complex composites on their machines. It is on the machine that application technology factors such as sliding properties or sealability are crucial.

Our sales and development team look forward to hearing from you.


Non-transparent laminates with aluminium as the barrier layer. The laminate is printed or unprinted, depending on the application, and available in three- or four-ply versions.

Non-transparent laminate with a metallized film (PET or OPP) as a barrier layer. The laminate is printed or unprinted, depending on the application, and available in two-, three- or four-ply versions.

Transparent laminate with or without a barrier layer. The laminate is printed or unprinted, depending on the application, and available in two-, three- or four-ply versions.

Laminates for pharmaceutical applications with aluminium barrier layers. The laminate is printed or plain. Available in three- or four-ply versions depending on requirements..

Laminates made of biologically renewable materials. Depending on the application, the biomaterial content can be up to 96%.

Deep-drawable laminate with aluminium.

WICOSEAL® pouch range
Side-sealed bags, stand-up pouches, gusset bags, or five-seam pouches in a wide range of shapes and sizes. All of our pouches incorporate excellent oxygen and water vapour barriers and feature very high opacity. 

WICOVALVE® one-way pressure-relief valve
The WICOVALVE® technology can be deployed for many different product applications. The valves are exceptionally rugged; with respect to consistent integrity and functionality, they are guaranteed for a period of three years.


We regularly measure our skills against those of our competitors and let competent juries assess our performance. In the course of the years, we have been commended with a number of awards for outstanding packaging solutions that define industry benchmarks today. We are proud of this acknowledgment of our work.

Winning of the Swiss Packaging Award in the category "Sustainability" with a 10 kg mono-material pouch for dry dog food. In addition, award and distinction of the pouch in the category "Special Prize Circular Economy".

SME-Prize Zürcher Kantonalbank for sustainability efforts

Family Business Award for the most sustainable family-owned enterprise in Switzerland

SWISS STAR for New packaging concept for reheated chicken

AluFoil Trophy in the "resource efficiency" category for the Xirah Swiss Premium stand-up pouch with optimized pouch geometry

Swiss Star and WORLDSTAR for Ecovel® laminates made of biologically renewable materials

Swissstar and WORLDSTAR for SIKA Mix & Go Kit - multifunctional stand-up pouch

Swiss Star for Dream Steam - microwavable steam packaging

Product information

New packaging concept for reheated chicken
Minimal energy consumption and optimized hygienic standards

Sustainable packaging
Stand-up pouch with optimized geometry

SIKA Mix & Go Kit
The multifunctional stand-up pouch

Dream Steam®
Innovative steamer for microwave ovens