Film conversion

Wipf AG has the ambition to define benchmarks in the domain of film conversion. Packaging systems for different quality requirements can be produced on the basis of technically elaborate developments. Special lamination techniques are used, depending on the nature of the laminate and the specific application. Additionally, rolls can be slitted to customer specifications. Our roll slitters are equipped with a sidelay control system to guarantee precision slitting. In collaboration with our specialists, a selection of the best-suited formulations will result in a packaging system that addresses your specific application needs.


Our equipment permits us to laminate up to three different materials simultaneously, using solvent-free or solvent-based adhesives. The product determines which film/material and adhesives can be used. With a web width of up to 1,300 mm, the triplex lamination machine, which was installed in 2016, is used for the production of  triplex laminates. Our equipment is able to laminate up to 125 million m2 of film.


We operate seven roll slitters with working widths of up to 1750 mm, so we can slit rolls to any customer format. High slitting accuracy and superb roll winding guarantee problem-free conversion of our laminates on customer processing lines. Some machines operate fully automatically or can integrate a laser-scored easy-open perforation during slitting. A video monitoring system is used to assure the flawless execution of the slitting process. Our annual capacity is 140 million m2.