Practical convenience features for simplified opening and resealing of packaging

Consumers are placing ever-greater emphasis on convenience and user-friendliness. How easily can the packaging be opened? Can the once-opened package be resealed and can it be shelved in such a way that it is easily identifiable? At Wipf AG, we are confronted with such questions every day. We uphold a constant dialogue with our customers to discuss options for perfecting their packaging designs.


Starter notch and laser scoring

For neat and easy opening.

Zip closure

Added convenience with resealable systems: the packaging can be opened and closed again as many times as needed.


Hygienically flawless opening – ideally suited for medical applications.


Resealable for precision pouring of liquid contents.

See-through window

Packaging with windows is an ideal way to present your product at the POS. It attracts considerable attention.


A handle makes the packaging easier and more convenient to carry.